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Since 1995, we have provided business solutions for small to medium sized companies in North America. We have developed and offered customizable multi-user, integrated WRADI® application modules tailored for local or multi-national organizations in various industries. Following solutions can be customized for a specific company's needs:

Enterprise Resources Planning
:   customizable modules for small Manufacturing/Job Shop, Wholesale/Distribution and Retail Industries.

Freight Management System 
customizable modules for Freight Forwarder (Air and Ocean), Transportation, Logistics and 3rd Party Warehousing Industries.
Financial Accounting System 
customizable modules for Single-Currency and/or Multi-Currency Accounting & Financial Reporting

We provide custom MS-Windows and Web application development, and data interchange  to enhance your business operations and efficiencies.  We have developed and implemented EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with major companies such as Apple Computers, Snap-On Tools, Acer, KNLL, Kingston, Liteon, Lucent, TSMC, and Nortel Network in addition to many smaller companies.

EDI-214: Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message EDI-856: Shipping Notice/Manifest
EDI-110: Air Freight Details and Invoice EDI-945: Warehouse Shipping Notice
AMS: Advanced Manifest System EDI-850: Purchase Order
EDI-810: Invoice EDI-997: Functional Acknowledgment
XML based data exchange  and many other EDI documents ...

Whatever the scope of your upcoming projects, please feel free to contact us so we can discuss our possible role to make it a success.

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